Moding section contains all technical stuff related to my Fallout 2 mods, from scripting to graphic. Also, any issues encountered during Fo2 moding will be posted here. That doesn't include known game problems but mod problems.

 1.Mod engine: with sfall addition and its functions, lots of things can be changed to suit player requirements and improve gaming experience.         

 2.But always consider FO2 resolution patch which can increase resolution over 1024x768 and higher but 800x600 gives it the best results. There were some problems with dialog window and few other "side effects".

 3.Well, 2d graphic looks good for adding new items, scenery, walls, tiles but for critters it would be much easier to build a 3d model . Making those 2d frame animations is time consuming and would require some extra hand.    

 4.Gameplay: having one global goal in the game is good, but you've got to have sub quests...

 5.Mapping. Usually the first thing you do when you make your mod, create maps...  

 6.Scripting. This is usually the last thing you do when you "set the stage" ...

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