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 Lets start off with the first location- Wasteland Prison:


1.Pass the trials in the catacombs of death.

There are two parts of this quest. First part consists of clearing 6 rooms filled with small scorpions and finding a "rock" item in every room. Upon collecting six rocks, place them in the clay pot, next to the main hall door. Then comes up a small challenge. You'll have to defeat the Prison guard who will attack you, first in unarmed combat, then you'll be using a knife.

 Second part of this quest will lead you through 4 rooms, each with it's own puzzle. By solving them you will collect, again, a rock from each solved puzzle. Door guard will ask for those rocks to let you through. After that, there are 4 switches on the wall before you, right combination will open the door and your way to the upper level will be clear (0-1-1-0).


2.Find out within prisoners who were associates in the incident.

Prison administrator gives you this quest, soon after you walk out of catacombs and talk to him in his "office". Your goal is to find who's responsible for helping some prisoners to escape. In the prison back yard you'll meet Gary. He'll give you his version of the events. Next person to talk to is Nill, locked up (behind the force field) in his cell, for his involvement in the prison break. Prison administrator will believe Nill's side of the story.


3.Get PipBoy (not listed)

Outside the prison camp area, near abandoned car repair station, you'll find an underground storage with some tables and lockers. Inside one of the lockers you'll find a paper note which will, when read, reveal a nearby location on the world map.



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