I'm using FSE(Fallout Script Editor) for scripting. A very good tool for writing scripts, compiling-decompiling *.int files, can read *.int and *.msg files from MASTER.DAT without extracting them (however there's a small program "Dat explorer" which has a good view over master.dat  and critter.dat folder structure), uses *.h (header) files from FO2 mapper... and much more.

 Scripting can really be a pain in the "mass" if you want scripts to make the critters do some advanced stuff (circle between more points, pickup items on the ground...). But most of the time i spent on thinking and writing dialogs. Good dialogs and storyline do make a good game/mod. Here are some dialog problems i noticed:

 - using one *.msg file for multiple objects can crush the game with error message "couldn't get line..." so when you are thinking to make one "universal" *.msg and *.int for many critters, you got up on the wrong foot. Also if there are more critters on one map using the same script, you'll have to define each object with different name and export them from a map script.

 - one single error in the *.msg file like  forgotten "}" off the screen can mess up whole msg file so search for any bugs and errors in msg's. (FSE has automatic *.msg error checking) 

 - i very often use "#" for comments, it's makes life more easier when you have to insert some new lines in msg or make a dialog tree.

 Very important stuff: always rename your patch000.dat file when installing new mod and don't forget to modify fallout2.cfg file and add the name of your mod folder bellow "master_patches" line.


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