Version 1.077 is up for a week now. List of additional changes, as described in LHmod info file:
- Fixed some dialog errors regarding Murphy
- Wasteland shop owners will increase their prices considerably, depending on the game difficulty
- Game difficulty now affects opponent's "toughness"
- Player has to eat and drink water (beta)


Sfall and Fo2 high res. patch got updated since LH 1.076 but i never got to implement these newer versions into LH mod. Now, Sfall version used in LH mod is currently v3.7.3. However, high res patch needs to be installed manually as it can be safely set to run on different settings while sfall .ini file has to stay with the exact same settings when i tested the mod, which will guarantee mod's stability if installed according to installation instructions.       


 4.10.2016 - There's more work to be done... 

 It's been a while since the last update. Update 1.077 isn't finished yet, there's some work left to be done. Planned mod difficulty overhaul will however take more time due to faulty game engine. Everything done from this point is aimed at improving this mod, gameplay, balance...


 18.9.2016 - Back in business?


 These are some minor fixes, i'm still working on them, they aren't essential for the completion of this mod:


-Quest description "Find a plow for oldie" changed, since the player is asked to find a shovel.
-Player now gets exp. points for delivering Garol's letter.


 Note, some of the reported bugs are actually game engine flaws that don't really have a workaround so random crashes may happen. Let me remind you that i have played and successfully completed my mod, without corrupted save files or "fatal" crashes.  I will however, continue to add new things, include newer sFall version and most likely temper with mod difficulty.      


 11.5.2014 - Update...


 I'm working on few minor changes since version 1.075. These changes will include the following:

- MRC location didn't appear on the world map, corrected. Also works for earlier saved games.
- Player can now deliver a power plant part to Lenny, without having to inform Leonard

This is not a complete list of changes...

I also started working on mod walkthrough. This will take longer.



Complete list of changes in 1.076:

- MRC location didin't appear on the world map, corrected. Also works for earlier saved games.
- Player can now deliver a power plant part to Lenny, without having to inform Leonard
- Player will also remember seeing suspicious clothes used in a robbery of Jack's place.
- Murphy won't discuss about trade agreement with Farmers if the mine hasn't been "cleaned".
- Possible bug exploit in "Pass the trials in the catacombs of death" quest, fixed
- Killing Matthew unexpectedly lead to quest error, corrected
- Player can ask Red about money he owes to Eric, with "Find Jackie" quest still active
- Philton forest map lagging, corrected **


Also, i started working again on my "new" mod. So far, It's months away from completion.


  14.11.2013 – Another update

 Version 1.074 is out. Again, few minor changes. Only this time you can just copy-paste these files over your 1.073 installation. Be aware, if you installed a new version of Sfall and have a save game with that versions, overwriting with these files can corrupt your game. You can always check your sfall version in ddraw.ini file

or ingame (main menu screen). Since new sfall version has more graphic enhancements,  if your plan to update sfall, please do it sooner (if you just started playing, before your first save). List of updates:

- Miners town entrance map (with walls) had a few bugs, Billy giving you the same quest again, Rock pile blocking the cave entrance appearing again, fixed

- Before going on a hunting mission, Jerry gives the player one day to prepare. He will say so instead of giving the player time until tomorrow at sunset. Also, quest has been modified so the player gets some clues about how to complete it

- Mission for Philton slavers can be completed now      


  22.9.2013 – Short update

  Version 1.073 is out. Few changes were made since 1.072.


- Basil being killed leaves several problems and certain major quest unresolved, corrected

- Car placement on random encounters map has been changed

- Golden Valley citizens in captivity will "help" if the player gets locked up in basement

- There was no solution for "Collect Erics money from Norman"quest, corrected

- Lost City area had one "broken" (leads to nowhere/wrong placement) ladder, corrected

- Canville wandering deathclaw has more HP now

- Erroneous map data (Old Hotel Warehouse) caused incorrect ammo amount to appear in one of the guards inventory

- Random encounters slightly harder

- Random encounters Prison patrols will confront the player for any violation of "Wasteland Base" rules


I’d like to point out that it’s highly recommended that you use only the latest version of this mod. In other words, you don’t need to copy new files over the old ones for this mod to work. As described in info file, using saved games from the older version can corrupt your game.


Download section has been updated.


 6.July.2013 – Still in business.

  New version 1.07 is out! Lots of small fixes were made, described in LH info.txt file. Download link is available in download section.


 18.February.2013 – Back on track?

  Still working on dialogs, considering how much free time i have, it’s going like a speed of light trying to catch up with the

astronomical unit… not fast enough. While testing script changes i noticed game engine forces map entry points even though

they were clearly marked  with“off”flag. This can cause a player to spawn at “forbidden” areas (behind the security gates and

patrols) which is often called cheating. But hey, everyone cheats once in a while… even in real life J 


 11.October.2012 - Do you speak english?

After doing some scripting, that is, correcting old stuff i started working on dialogs. Years passed and i only recently saw what mess this guy left behind. Instead of doing grammar corrections, what i hoped he was doing, he filtered words i.e. corrected spelling and changed very small amount of text (say, <20%). It's almost insulting to see his english even worse than mine, and i'm "no f****** englishman" at all. All i have to say is: "Dude, you're fired." :p     



  11.September.2012 - It still lives (The memory?)

  A massive amount of work has been done since august. Lots of changes (fixes). Can't name them all but a short list will be available when version 1.07 comes up. Will not be compatible with 1.06 saves, otherwise it would ruin player's gameplay. Atomicgamer  download link has been removed and NMA linked file will be updated but until then server will host this obsolete 1.06 version. I'm only responsible for this "english" version, any other patches made by anyone else will not be included or considered (by me) as a part of this mod. Of course excluding sfall  which is not essential for this mod to work but was included from the very beginning since most if not all players have positive opinion about this "engine enhancement (tweaking) " tool. More info soon. 


17.May.2010 - Months went by...

Ok, some fresh news. Right from the assembly line comes 1.06 update:

Canville mine entrance guard script fixed, he'll notice if player tries to use the elevator
- Canville citizen script corrected. "Error" floating messages were caused by another script calling the same text
- Canville parking Loner script corrected, wrong town rep. GVAR
- Canville, 3 scavengers on Canville train station caused game to crash when spoken to, corrected
- Joes store house key, added "use" action flag
 -Philton bulletin board had "Duntown" name written in it, corrected
- lockers, in north west corner of farmers town residential area, moved to their owners and protected from looting
- Miners town cave entrance, now possible to clear the pile of rocks blocking the entrance without taking the
"mantis raids" mission
- when you ask dr.travis "...about the mine...", dialog closes, corrected
- Infinite xp (+1500 every time) when killing Basil's gang and reporting back to sheriff, this was possible due to game bug with 0 key, corrected for the current script
- Bio research base turrets will behave as they should
- Golden valley meeting now held at local library(still in development)
- edited military base guard script (Golden valley), added additional dialog line so player is not forced to leave
the base every second time he talks to the guard, the guard will also remove id card from players inventory if
caught stealing
- Military base sergeant will get "angry" if player doesn't wear any type of metal armor (mark1 or mark2)
- after 15 MAR 2322 Arroyo will not appear on the world map and Wasteland Forest will reappear on the same place
- Ron will not give you the same job twice.
- Greg from Canville will now take the ore from you if you tell him about the job
- "coffin guy" has proper script attached to him
- Robert, "FORM" member can sometimes block the doorway if player decides to go on a killing spree, now "push"
procedure added
- random encounter Hubologist object_pid name corrected to "Prison patrolman"
- Wasteland prison laser gate computer can be used to temporary disable the force field
- Wasteland prison force field can be temporary disabled with nearby explosive charge


09.February.2010 - Still there...?

More screenshots...


28.August.2009 - Here we go again!

Some new stuff added in screenshots section...


05.August.2009 - those buggs!

Canville buggs generating random crashes were probably caused by corrupted map data. It would take lot of time to mess with the old stuff and try to rebuild the whole map. The reason for mentioning these facts is because i haven't got a single game crash since i fixed Canville dialogs and scripts in version 1.05 and it's a real mystery how game crashes on some computers. The only thing i have time for right now is to upload the same 1.05 again and hope you wouldn't encounter errors. But again, i don't know which save file have you used because the old ones (from 1.04) could work too but the changes i've made wouldn't be visible. So, my suggestion is to help if you can by enabling debug mode for Fallout2.exe and see if there's anything unusual in the .log file.  


Also, i would like to know which things did you like in this mod and which you didn't (maps, dialogs, encounters, game balance, quests...) anything that could help me with my new mod. No announcements yet but the time has come to move forward. So don't be lazy, write a thing or two :) Peace man!


 20.April.2009 - update 1.05
- some Canville buggs causing constant game crashing, fixed
- dialogs corrected


 02.March.2009 - new update

New update v1.05 will be out in weeks. It'll cover dialog changes, some grammar corrections and some minor changes which will be reported later.


 15.February.2009 -   some earlier updates

updates from version 1.03 and 1.04

when you get a job from Mary to bring her empty bottles, the quest appears completed in pipboy right after you
took it. Fixed. Also, you wouldn't get this job twice.
- when you take the job to fight in the ring for Eric, your opponent doesn't appear
- "The shelter" location stayed hidden after you've been there

- doc Davin will now take correct amount of money for treating player's wounds
- City of Philton stayed hidden because it was linked with unfinished quest which was removed, now visible
- If you decided to kill Falcon brothers at small village location, their caravan wagon wouldn't disappear in the morning
- some lockers in UMB were reachable from the other side (through wall), fixed
- fixed, player knew about plans against mayor Donson's without even talking to anyone about it
- corrected Golden Valley town map error where military base was accesible without "ID pass" item
- "FN Fal" proto corrected so it'll display FN Fal image instead of reserved


 31.January.2009 -  update

update version 1.02

- Jack's locker is not lootable, it'll be displayed when you try to use skills or lockpick on it
- Darren will not ask you again to bring him certain item
- fixed bug where you get exp. points every time you ask sheriff Milton about the missing people quest
- fixed dialogue option where you can ask bar owner Anna about gecko hunter even if he isn't there
- golden valley downtown, added exit grid map markers for exit grids to Aston's office
- removed wall transition effect from doors so they'll be visible if you walk behind them
- Fixed. MRC level 1 entry point shown even before you actually get into the base.
- sergeant will tell you to help doc. Fred only once
- Derek will now take ten frag grenades you took from Bulls even if you have more in your inventory
- when you bring Jack's medicals, you could have just dropped the heart pills on the ground and completed
the quest without giving him those pills, this has been corrected
- 4th level MRC, after blowing up the pile of rocks, screen fades out and stays that way untill you quit the
game. Corrected.


24.January.2009 -  update

This update covers  following bugs:


- fixed exit grid leading from Miner's resident area to the caves
- replaced local vars with global vars in Gecko quest in Farmers town that prevents player to talk with the
important quest NPC after exiting map
- changed description of the second door in trial rooms
- staircase in Miner's storage building blocked with barrels to prevent player from using it
- Wasteland prison gate guard sometimes gets stuck, he should no longer do that
- "Mantis Raids" quest solving possible
- dialogue with Colin had some script errors

- Marc will appear at the bar after the gecko quest is done


15.January.2009 - It's alive!

The mod is is up and available for download. Before playing the mod, please

take a look at readmeLH.txt for more information about mod contents and gameplay. You can post any of your questions at NMA forum.   


17.December.2008 - ...

Ok, i'm done with maps and scripts but i have a bigger problem, lots of small bugs that i'm trying to fix in a short period of time due to my demanding daily job and school at the same time. Yep, that's what took me so long. Nevertheless, it's playable but i wasn't able to get it to work 100% stable with the latest fo2 engine tweaks (sfall,resolution patch).


 25.August.2008 - Update:

This is a short update since the "Last Hope 1" mod is weeks or just days away from being released. I always wanted this mod to be bigger and better but i saved a lot of stuff for the second part of this mod.   


 12.June.2008 - Scenery:

Ever wondered how to put that awesome FOT scenery into FO2. Since i've used some of the FOT graphic for my mod, here's a tutorial how to convert FOT scenery to FO2 format


07.May.2008 - New tutorial:

Bigger world map? Yes, it's possible. Nothing new though... but useful. Making new world map tiles.  


07.April.2008 - Screenshots:

Some screenshots added, from the first map in this mod. I've decided to use these maps because they fit better into the whole idea. I'll include these in the second "bigger" demo. Anyway, this is the NMA forum topic for this mod. If you have any questions about this mod, post them.  


 01.April.2008 -  More about dialogs:

I'm still working on them, adding more lines to make it a bit harder to make quick choices or just pressing 1,1,1, :)) Still, english is not my native language but i'm using it to make something understandable to everyone. 


 05.February.2008 - Old Dialog Texts:

Some old dialogs don't quite follow the new story line because some of them were written 3 years ago so there are many confusing dialogs, i'm about to correct 'em all!


 28.January.2008 - I will survive:

Yes, the work will go on. Although i'm doing all this by myself, my creation will rise eventually. Just not sure when. So, some of the fo2 "Last Hope v1.00" features are canceled (for now):

 - intro

 - animated NPC portraits

 - NPC armors (are there any party NPCs??)


 26.January.2008 - ...

Project completion status is now undetermined... reason: personal decision.


 09.January.2008 - Revisited:

I'm currently editing some of my older maps, adding more scenery.  


 28.December.2007 - Work Progress:

Well, this mod is about 70% complete. It has about 10 new locations which are not related to Fallout 2 in any way. I also did some new images for weapons so they now look more sci-fi than oldschool. My plan is to do at least 3 more towns, hopefully i'll finish them within next month. Later, i have to work on some videos for this mod (yes, it's going to have intro).   


11.October.2007 - Change weapon look:

I really liked those old school looking weapons but i want to add it some sf apocalyptic style so i'll change the look of the most weapons. Looks god so far...


.August.2007 - More work:

are few things i had on my mind to put in the mod: ability to scroll through inventory, 800x600 resolution patch, no dreams and Frank encounter.

Edit: this options are added with Timeslip's "sfall"    


17.September.2007 - Bigger world map:

'm going to edit world map *.msk files and corresponding *.frm files to extend world size so the whole map would be passable. 


.April.2007 - Last Hope demo:

demo mode was BTW released in may 2006. It contains one map, some missions... I was thinking about to put this map into "Last Hope" mod. I'll see about that later... 

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