Fallout 2 mapper really is the best tool for editing, creating maps for FO2. You can actualy play every map to test it... But exiting to the world map with "w" key can crush the mapper is *.pro files are "read only". Other nasty thing that can happen is when you run the game with your mod in ...\Black Isle\Fallout2\mymod with *.pro files not set to "read only", the game can erase all pro's in your mod folder so be careful to set them "read only" before running the game. If your pro's somehow get erased, remember  the folder C:\Fallout2\DEV\PROTO where all your pro's are in *.txt form, so you can easy read the properties of every pro and make a new one from a scratch. Mapper is released in 2003 and since then there are few other map making tools, but nothing powerful as fo2mapper. Although mapper offers many tools, it's not so "user friendly" and requires a lot of practice to get familiar with it. 

  Mapper keys:

A: Attack/
B: Switch attack weapon/Fix map objects to PIDs (same as menu)/Barter
C: Character/Copy
F: Toggle FPS display
D: Switch light level look of map (day, night)
E: /Edit selected proto
I: Inventory/List scripts (same as menu)
K: Kill critter (and recucitate!)
L: Lock (doors)/Give 500xp to OBJ_DUDE
M: Mouse-Hex cursor toggle
N: Switch attack mode/Advance 1 month
O: Options
P: Pipboy/Find selected item or tile under cursor
Q: Make walls transparent (like steam transparancy)
R: Toggles roofs on and off
S: Skilldex/
T: Advance 1 minute/Open edit mode menu
U: /Use item (open or close doors)
S: /Place location script
W: Worldmap (Note: if PROs are read-only, it crashes)
Z: Rest/
?: Display game time
[/]: /One step change of daylight
+/-: Adjust brightness level/Move proto list right and left
,/.: Rotate OBJ_DUDE left right/
Keypad +: /Move proto list up by 10
End: Go to last item in proto list
Del: Go in delete mode (same as button in UI)
Page up/Page down: Change map level
Up/Down/Left/Right: Move POV
Home: Return POV to map level origin
Esc: Cancel menu/Cancel menu or quit editor

Left-Click: Move to, look/Select Item
Right-Click: Change attack mode/Cancel current action

Alt-A: Save As
Alt-B: Edit OBJ_DUDE (Notes: as in the menu, and as with the menu, when exiting this function it leaves the screen mostly black!)
Alt-F: File menu
Alt-G: Shift map (use Left/Right/Up/Down keys to move map)
Alt-H: Crashes app
Alt-I: Load text map (disabled? - same as menu)
Alt-N: Erase map
Alt-O: Open map
Alt-P: Save text map (need to have a (saved) named for the map first or crash)
Alt-S: Save
Alt-T: Scripts menu
Alt-V: Tools menu
Alt-W: Set map script
Alt-Y: Use pattern

Ctrl-F: /Disable sound effect cache
Ctrl-I: /Pipboy map
Ctrl-J: Give object to OBJ_DUDE
Ctrl-L: Load savegame
Ctrl-N: Advance 1 month
Ctrl-P: Pause
Ctrl-Q: Quit/
Ctrl-T: Adance 1 day
Ctrl-S: Save game/
Ctrl-V: Version
Ctrl-X: Quit/
Ctrl-End: Go to proto 0 in list
Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down: Rotate critter North/South
Crtl-Left/Ctrl-Right: Rotate crirtter Left/Right

1:Use Sneak skill/Goto bookmark 1/Answer 1
2:Use Lockpick skill/Goto bookmark 2/Answer 2
3:Use Steal skill/Goto bookmark 3/Answer 3
4:Use Traps skillGoto bookmark 4/Answer 4
5:Use First aid skill/Goto bookmark 5/Answer 5
6:Use Doctor skill/Goto bookmark 6/Answer 6
7:Use Science skill/Goto bookmark 7/Answer 7
8:Use Repair skill/Goto bookmark 8/Answer 8
9:/Goto bookmark 9/Answer 9 (?)
0:/Goto bookmark 0/Exit dialog

F1: Help/Items
F2: /Critters
F3: /Scenery
F4: Save/Walls
F5: Load savegame/Tiles
F6: Quick save/Misc
F7: Quickload savegame
F8: Switch to and from game mode
F9: /Rebuild item protos (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
F10: Quit/Rebuild proto lists (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
F11: /Rebuild all (Librarian menu - need librarian=1 in cfg)
F12: Screenshot

Alt-F4: Real game only - Quit
Alt-F7: /Does some weird POV teleport, takes screenshots

Ctrl-F1: /Toggle Items display (doesn't upate UI)
Ctrl-F2: /Toggle Critters display (doesn't upate UI)
Ctrl-F3: /Toggle Scenery display (doesn't upate UI)
Ctrl-F4: /Toggle Walls display (doesn't upate UI)
Ctrl-F5: /Toggle Tiles display (doesn't upate UI)
Ctrl-F6: /Toggle Misc display (doesn't upate UI)
Ctrl-F7: /Delete script

Shift Commands :
Shift-A: /Destroy all scripts
Shift-L: Gain level
Shift-C: /Copy All (Same as UI: copy critters, scenery and misc)
Shift-W: /Assign hotkeys (?)
Shift-K: /Kill critter and choose death


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